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Virtual Worlds Available:

Beach Area 1
Lost Castle
Walk on the beach and share pictures with friends while enjoying the warm climate. (Available with Registration). Take your friends to an isolated lost castle where many suprises await suddenly upon exploring the area. (Available with Registration)
Desert Area
Stone Temple
Get lost on a large desert with limited visibility during the day and a chilling cold during the night. (Available with Registration) Explore the vast ridges and high altitudes along this fun and breezy stone world. (Available with Registration)
Space Fans
Propel youself into space with the antigravity in the magnetic fan and explore the floors' bases. (Purchase Required $7.99 ). Buy now Exploring the underwater ocean and discover beautiful views from the top of the lighthouse are some of the exotic features of this virtual world. (Purchase Required $7.99 ). Buy now
You give the details we build it tailor made to your specification. (Purchase & Approval Required). Get quote now

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